Best Rehab Center for Drugs & Alcohol in Mumbai

Addiction is a stage when people do not have control over what they are doing, taking or using. Their addiction may reach a point at which it is harmful and it requires immediate attention from a drug addiction treatment center. A Major contributor to addictions is from consumption of harmful drugs or alcohol. Arzoo Foundation, professional services/ programs for rehab for drug and rehab for alcohol.

Rehab Center for Drugs & Alcohol in Mumbai Rehab Treatment for Drugs & Alcohol in Mumbai Treatment for Alcoholism and Drugs addiction in Mumbai Ind

Arzoo Foundation rehab center exists to help people from all over India find relief and treatment for their Alcohol and Drugs addictions.You will receive a full individualized treatment for drugs or alcohol addiction. Our therapists are trained and certified in therapy technique your treatment will be performed by only licensed therapists.


Rehab Center for De-addiction Treatments From Drugs & Alcohol

Arzoo Foundation is registered NGO working in the field of creating awareness about Drugs and Alcohol abuse and we provide rehabilitation of Addicts by providing them a supportive and caring environment. Every addict needs special attention and treatment, we provide this via Arzoo Rehab Center, this facility has a supportive team comprising of experienced counselors and staff who follow rules and regulations. Our treatment panel includes psychiatrists, doctors and other visiting and on-call medical professionals.

We are one of the best Rehab Centers who gives Treatment for Alcohol Rehab, Drugs Rehab in Mumbai. Our Rehab centers have experienced staff and Licensed therapists who will help you to come out from Alcohol addiction and Drugs addiction. We are one of the best Alcohol recovery centers and best Drugs Rehabilitation Treatment centers provide you with a clean and hygienic environment with all accommodation facilities.

At Arzoo Foundation Rehab Center your treatment will be performed by only licensed therapists. We will work closely with all your health practitioners. Our therapists are trained and certified in therapy technique they will provide you with best rehabilitation treatment which will help you to come out from Alcohol addiction and Drugs addiction.

We have happy customers who were addicted from drugs and alcohol and in our De-addiction Centers treatment for Drugs and Alcohol they left their addiction behind and living a happy life. We have licensed therapists who work hard to treat our customers for De-addiction of drugs or alcohol addiction. Our Rehabilitation Centers are spread in Navi Mumbai, Pune, Mumbai, Gujarat, India.

How we Treat in our Rehab Center


A ) For the patients not willing to quit the addiction.

Motivational interviewing in our Rehab Center:-

During the MI the individual is encouraged to reach his own decision about change, while the role of the therapist is to facilitate this process through clarification, advice when appropriate, accurate feedback and empathy.

B) For the patients who are willing but not able to reach at firm decision to change.

Motivational Enhancement therapy in our Rehab Center:-

In MET therapist helps the patient tip the decisional balance scale towards change by eliciting and weighing pros and cons of substance use and change. In summary MET is a client-centered directive therapeutic style to resolve ambivalence and promote greater commitment to change.


C) For the patients who has decided to quit the addiction.

Detoxification:- This is the initial phase of treatment of substance dependence and includes treatment of withdrawal symptoms, assessment of health and psychosocial complications. It is usually done by abrupt cessation of the substance and prescription of specific agents to reduce withdrawal symptoms or by gradually tapering off the substance being abused. The purpose is to minimize subjective and objective discomfort as this is an important reason for relapse. It can be usually completed in 7- to 10 days.

Rehabilitation:- After detoxification phase, patients requires a lot of support to adopt to Alcohol and drug free life for which he is offered more frequent supportive, skill oriented and relapse prevention, Vocational training and placement,recreation, counseling more frequent monitoring and review, access to more residential programs if necessary. Regular counseling, continuing case management and structured group program are all likely to assist outcome after completion of pharmacological treatment.

D) For the patients who have successfully completed detoxification and rehabilitation.

Relapse prevention therapy in our Rehab Center:-

Substance abuse has long been seen as a chronic, relapsing condition hence, relapse management is an important issue in the treatment of addictive behaviors. In this patients are helped in identifying the high-risk situation and assisted in developing appropriate coping strategies to deal with them. These can include broad-based skills training, behavioral modification, and rehearsal, assertiveness training, cognitive reframing and lifestyle interventions.

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